Disclaimer of Liability

ShutKey wants to make your online experience satisfactory and safe. Our data collection policy allows you to select the information you want to provide us and control how we use it. Our aim is to serve with a consistent experience while we facilitate the control of your privacy and we give you the means to raise any question or question.
This declaration refers to the privacy policy of the sites included in the scope of the ShutKey India Network and does not extend, on the contrary, to the sites or pages that can be accessed through the ShutKey India Network. , but they are not part of it.
The ShutKey network is aware of its duty to strengthen user confidence in the Internet, promoting the principles of transparency and informed consent. This privacy policy responds to the following questions:

  1. – What information of yours is the object of search and collection by the network.
  2. – What the network does with the information collected.
  3. – With whom the network shares said information.
  4. – In what way we are going to ask you if you want the ShutKey Network to use the personal information you provide in a certain way or not.
  5. – What can you do to correct or update the personal information you have provided to the ShutKey Network.
  6. – What you must do to unsubscribe as a user of the ShutKey Network, or to delete personal information that you have provided.

Our commitment with you

As a standard practice, the ShutKey assigns a random number to each user in order to draw content preferences and create navigation traffic models. This identification number automatically recognizes your browser – but not you – every time you interact with any of our domains.
This random number allows us to know, for example, how regularly users do certain things – like visiting our page monthly – without really knowing who those users are. The assigned number is kept in a file on your computer, called a “cookie”. Cookies, by themselves, do not allow to determine the identity of the user: unless you tell us yourself, the ShutKey will never know who you are.
However, you may want to tell us things so that the ShutKey remembers them. Indeed, like many other users, you will want to provide us with personal information because this will allow our web pages to be more useful for you. If you have no problem in supplying us with that personal information, we have at your disposal higher quality services, which we cannot offer to other users, precisely because they are anonymous. For example, our free ShutKey Mail service.

The choice as to the amount of personal information you want to give us is completely in your hands, user. But in any case, whatever the degree of interaction you choose, you have the privacy guarantee of the ShutKey:
The ShutKey Network will never voluntarily disclose personally identifiable information of the users to any person outside the ShutKey Network, without the prior consent of the user.

Information collected
The ShutKey Network collects information about users in order to make it more profitable and easier for them to use our services, while guaranteeing the privacy of personal information.
The information that is collected online is defined either as anonymous or as personally identifiable:
1. Anonymous data: It Refers to data that cannot be linked to any specific individual. For example, we may know that ten thousand people will visit this privacy document today, but we will not necessarily know their names, where they live or their date of birth. These visitors are “anonymous” to us.
2. Personally identifiable data: It refers to provided info that allows us to know specifically who you are. Depending on the service you are accessing, information such as your name, email address or information about your hobbies and interests may be requested several times. We ask for this information to provide you with our strongest value – a personalized online experience. You do not have to give us the information we ask for, but if you do not, we cannot give you all our services. For example, we cannot offer you the status of your portfolio if you do not tell us what securities you own. Another example, our free e-mail service uses your name as part of the security mechanism that protects you from others reading your messages. We hope that, like so many of our users.
The choice of how much personally identifiable information you want to provide depends only on you. The only way we have to know personal information about you is if you register in one of our personalized services.
Use of information
The ShutKey Network always pursues the loyalty of the user, giving him reasons to return to visit our pages again.
Thus, we use the information you provide us to:
1. Personalize the contents of our pages that we know are of interest to you. Thus, we provide personalized content in the form of news, horoscopes, advertisements, weather forecasts and billboards to our registered users.
2. Analyze the preferences of our users in relation to the content we offer, to try to improve them.
3. Customize the advertising we present on our pages, so that the ads that appear are more useful to you.
4. Prepare collective reports -not individualized- for the advertisers that appear in the banners of our pages. We will never tell our advertisers who saw or clicked on your ads, unless we have the express acceptance of the user.
5. Occasionally, through our e-mail service, we send registered users in the e-mail service communicated with information that we believe may be useful, including information about new products and services of the ShutKey Network. We never send messages to users who have not given us permission to do so, either in the first registration process or later through the process of deleting the registration. In any email of any company or website of the ShutKey Network, we will remind you that you have choice to change your preferences about receiving communications by e-mail. You have more information in the What options you have available section about the collection, use and distribution of the information.
Distribution of Information
The information that user provides will only be used on the ShutKey Network, and this in order to offer you a personalized online experience. The information you provide us may only be transmitted to third parties if you give us your permission.
Our privacy guarantee always remains:
The ShutKey Network will never voluntarily divulge personally identifiable information of the users to any person outside of the ShutKey Network, without the prior consent of the user.
Even if it happens rarely, ShutKey may be required by the force of the Law or by the judicial authorities to provide personally identifiable information, to which ShutKey cannot refuse, making sure however in any case to maintain the privacy guarantee as far as legally and judicially may be possible.
Also, some companies outside the ShutKey Network, which advertise their products on our pages, may collect information about you when you see or click on your ad or its content through the use of cookies. Because of how the Internet technically operates, we cannot control that information collection. You should contact these content providers directly if you have any questions about how they use the information they collect.
Please note, on the other hand, that the personal information you provide when you are using ShutKey services is visible to all users, so it is good to be discreet when offering personal information that may identify you in such forums, as it could be picked up by others. The ShutKey Network does not associate any user record with any information provided by its customers in our e-mail services, message boards or chat.
And finally, the ShutKey Network does not control the collection of information or distribution policies in other Internet domains other than those domains that are part of the ShutKey Network itself.
Your options before the ShutKey Network
As a registered user in the ShutKey Network you have total control over the communications that you are going to receive and request. The ShutKey Network follows the policy of, at all times, allowing you to make a conscious choice about the communications you want to receive. We will not include you in any communication, if you do not expressly ask us to be included. Each time we collect information about your name and address when you register on the ShutKey Network:

1. You must consciously choose whether or not you want to receive communications from the ShutKey Network, such as announcements of contests or advertising of new products.
2. You must consciously choose if you want access to personal information by advertisers, partners of the ShutKey Network or other third parties.
3. You must consciously choose if you want to receive periodic invitations to the ShutKey Online Survey.
4. And, of course, you can choose, from the start, not to provide personal information about you.
The ShutKey Network reserves the right to send a message confirming the registration, when it takes place, and also, sporadically, alert messages to its users, to inform them about specific changes that may affect their ability to use the service. in which they registered, even if the user had opted not to receive messages by e-mail from the ShutKey Network.
On occasion, the members of the ShutKey Network that provide content that requires personal information (see “Use of Information” above), will request the user some personal information. The ShutKey Network cannot control the options policy for the user of these companies.
Corrections and updates of the information provided
At all times, the user registered in the ShutKey Network has control over the accuracy of the personal identifiable information that has been provided to ShutKey.
If you have provided personal information to a member of the ShutKey Network, to access the services of said partner, the ShutKey Network will not be able to correct or update said information. Nor can we guarantee the ability of such partners to correct or update the personal information provided to them.
Deletion of information and cancellation as in the ShutKey registry
At any time, as a registered user of the ShutKey Network, you can choose not to receive communications, although initially you would have opted otherwise. In addition, any communication you receive by e-mail includes information on how to unsubscribe from the list of subscribers to the e-mail notification reception service.
Also, at any time, as a registered user of the ShutKey Network, you may delete personally identifiable information that you may have provided to the ShutKey Network. This does not imply that your “profile” disappears as a user (see information on “cookies” in “Information Collection” above), but it will suppress the deletion of any personal information related to that profile. Any information that you do not want to appear in your profile on the ShutKey Network can be deleted.
What type of security procedures have been established to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of the information that remains under the control of the company.

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