Singh Detective Agency is a private detective agency in Amritsar (Punjab) with an experience of more than 10 years. We have solved more than 1000 cases in all over Amritsar with the help of well experienced and trained investigators who are always ready to solve any type of detective case. Singh Detective Agency in Amritsar has a wide network and also a very good name among our clients. We always try to give accurate and true results to our clients with our endless efforts. We give 24×7 services to our clients as per the requirement of case because our main motive is to satisfy our clients by providing them true accurate services. If we are appointed for any type of investigation, we make our every effort to do our level best within time limit and lowest price as we never aim to get money but to provide true services.

We have always tried our level best to satisfy our clients with our work and always given them exact results they have demanded from us. We always have maintained 100% secrecy of our clients. Singh Detectives agency has an excellent track record of successfully investigating & solving 1000 plus cases including fake identity, divorce cases, character verification, missing person investigation, matrimonial investigation, (pre/post), employee verification (pre/post), extra marital affairs, loyalty test investigation, any theft or loss etc. in Amritsar, Punjab, India. We also provide detective services in all over Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pardesh, Chandigarh, Shimla and other major cities of India.

We provide following services:-

  • Matrimonial Investigation
  • Employee Verification
  • Divorce cases Investigation
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Employee theft verification
  • Missing person investigation
  • Loyalty Test Investigation
  • Surveillance – Photographic and Video

Singh Detective Agency in Amritsar is too much professional and conscious about the quality of its work that the results provided by us are always accurate and true. We are able to uncover the hidden truth.


We Know You have some Questions in Yours mind Before making a decision and we respect your sense of your judgement . Give us an opportunity to all questions all your Queries.

Singh Detective offers a wide range of investigative services including surveillance, background checks, corporate investigations, missing person searches, and marital investigations among others.

Yes, Singh Detective is licensed and accredited by the appropriate regulatory bodies in our jurisdiction. We adhere to all legal and ethical standards in our investigative work.

To hire our services, simply contact us either through our website, phone, or in person. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your case in detail and tailor our investigative approach to meet your specific needs.

The cost of hiring our services varies depending on the complexity of the case and the specific services required. We provide transparent pricing during the initial consultation and work with our clients to develop a cost-effective investigative plan.

Yes, absolutely. Maintaining confidentiality and protecting the identity of our clients is paramount at Singh Detective. We understand the sensitive nature of the issues you entrust us with, and we take every measure to ensure your privacy throughout the investigative process. Our team adheres to strict ethical standards and professional protocols to safeguard your identity and the details of your case. You can trust that your information is safe and secure with us.

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Ishan Singh
Ishan Singh
Very professional team.
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Bhagat Saab (Manu)
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Amandeep Kaur
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