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Verification is “the practice of verifying the employment eligibility and past work history of current or potential employees. Employers often verify employees prior to hiring or promoting them, to ensure that the employee’s employment history, education, and other details match the information provided by the employee.”

Employee Verification has become necessary now a days. As there is tough competition in job market, falsification has become common place. There are many examples of falsifications such as fake certificates, fake employment letters and criminal records. Singh Detective Agency helps companies weigh on human capital risk through premium quality background checks. We empower businesses to make smart hiring decisions by eliminating bad elements. We make your workplace safer, more productive and help you save on ever-growing replacement costs.

What is the need for Verification?

  • To hire the right candidate
  • To minimize replacement costs
  • To make your workplace safer and more productive
  • To prevent fraud and crime

Popular Checks

  • Previous employment:- To verify a candidate’s work history, such as company names and locations, dates, positions or titles held.
  • Education & Professional certifications:- High-quality verification of your candidate’s education history. Fast, turnarounds and available worldwide.
  • Professional Reference Checks:- Gain additional insights on your candidates beyond what’s on their resume, such as work ethic and abilities.
  • Professional License Check:- To protect your organization from negligent hiring claims by verifying that your candidate’s professional licenses are in good standing.
  • Criminal Records:- To verify that if your candidate has any criminal record.
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