But at this instant, people are getting married and separating within few days, due to the partial knowledge of past and revelation of those, in present. Thus, the phenomenon of Marital Investigation is the veracious tool to extract the entire and accurate details about the one whom you want to marry or someone with whom you are already married.

Marital Investigation is undeniably valuable in India, owing to the concept of arrange marriages, wherein people get married to someone unknown without digging out much about the family of the girl or boy. Singh Detective is the one source across India, on whom you can trust blindly and can extract true information about the second party. Furthermore, if you are already married and septic about your spouse, then the marital investigation team of Singh Detective Agency is the seamless source to unearth the truth. We are the team of well experienced Private detective who are deployed with up to date equipments.

We have categorized marital investigation into two kinds, i.e. the Pre-marital Investigation and Post-marital Investigation. As one of our more commonly requested services, we carry out a special a service assisting you in taking the correct decision by checking and verifying the details and information provided to you by the family. Marriages can make the difference in life as heaven or hell. Do not take chances for your beloved ones, lest you repent later.

We do verify information relating to the boy girl as follows:

  • Character Verification of the boy/girl.
  • Verification of social reputation of boy/girl.
  • Information relating to his/her employment/business.
  • Detailed background report of their activities.
  • Education history.
  • Past broken/unbroken Marriages.
  • Children from such marriages if any.
  • Social status and reputation of the family.
  • Financial status of the family.

All investigations are conducted with utmost care and complete secrecy is maintained. Investigations pertaining to Indian and New Indian region are generally completed within 10-12 days. Inquiries in other states beside Indian and New Indian can be executed within 15-20 days time. In the case of overseas alliance, the required information is obtained or verified through our associates located all over the World. With Indian Detective services, you can achieve verified and confirmed results about anything and everything over the telephone / Internet. We verify credentials about the parties going for alliance to establish and confirm as true and genuine people what they claim to be or greedy for money to lead a new lifestyle? Post Matrimonial Investigation When you suspect that your partner or spouse is having an extra marital relationship; it is imperative that you verify the facts and obtain as much evidence as possible. That will provide you peace of mind and resolve ambiguity/ doubts if any. Also, such verification not only clears all doubts in mind and patch up smoothly resulting in strong and healthy relationship. We unearth the truth and realties thus putting forth a much clearer picture enabling client to take the appropriate decision. We have team members in every major city in the World that means once the case is assigned to Indian Detective, we assure guarantee that you will secure the most competitive rate along with exceptional level of service, wherever and whatever the case may be. We utilize various methods including discreet surveillance to obtain the valuable evidence considered useful to clients need and once we have this, if required can co-ordinate with your legal representatives.

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