Understanding the importance of knowing your employees and friends, Singh Detective Agency provides the appropriate service of investigating the character of employees as well as of your friends or other concerned individuals. We provide objective and detailed evaluation of the person. With the aid of character investigation, one can determine every relevant details about the individual. In the character investigation one can have the complete information about the present and past of that person. In addition to character investigation, our team will also provide you the following information: –

  • About the work history
  • Family Background
  • Residential Information
  • Educational Background
  • Other Sensitive and Confidential Information like Criminal History and Mental Conditions.

Our Investigators are experienced about every sort of investigation and we conduct every prove with keen dedication and interest. We are cooperative, dedicative at every level and are well aware about the needs of clients and we try our level best to fulfill the needs of our clients to satisfy them. You just simple specify your investigative needs with all the details you have and we will provide you true and accurate services.

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